Monday, January 08, 2007

Stan's Tarot: Introduction

The Internet is full of tarot decks of various degrees of interest - here's a few:

Golden Tarot - I actually have this especially gorgeous set.

Charybdis Tarot - A dark and wierd art project from New Zealand (rated as "gruesome" by the Vas preview board).

Pirate's Arcana - The major arcana, based on the two Pirates of the Carribean films. If you're only going to click on one fortune-telling-pirate link today, make it this one.

If you're really getting into this stuff, try Morwenna's Tarot which has hundreds of oracular decks. The site itself is in German. Note that I've barely scrped the surface of this site.

Anyway, despite these, and many, many other excellent sites, there's good reasons why I might make a personal deck. As it happens, I have a friend with 25,000 online photos (hidden behind a password barrier). Surely among these there must be enough pictures for a full deck...

Well, maybe. I'm not starting with the Major Arcana (save that for the finale). Swords is a bit tricky (although there are a remarkable number of 1, 2 and 3 sword pictures); Staves is okay up to about 5; Coins seems to be either one or many, and very very dull; Cups... yes I think we can do Cups.

It'll be up as soon as I've sorted it out.