Friday, January 05, 2007

More recycled stuff

From May 2006, my "hilarious" alternative versions of the Da Vinci Code.

Unsuprisingly there are a number of copycat films in production, although theyare keen to point out the differences between their films and "The Da Vinci Code". Stan, producer of "The Michelangelo Cypher" explained that his film was completely different - it's all to do with Joseph of Arimathea bringing the holy grail to Glastonbury and rather than having a shadowy Catholic sect trying to keep it all secret, the hero must contend with freemason cyber-commandos.

Jim, currently directing "The Raphael Enigma" described the film as: "A scantily clad Swedish cryptographer joins forces with a scantily clad Scottish historian and a scantily clad Spanish flamenco dancer-turned-bodyguard for all kinds of fights, stunts, explosions and some gratuitous lesbian scenes in order to discover the truth hidden in Raphael's paintings"

Anne, Screenwriter of "Carol Vorderman's Sudoku challenge" denied any parallels with The Da Vinci Code. "It has nothing to do with that 'film' - in my story a tv maths whizz must solve giant number grids in order to discover the vault containing her deceased co-presenter's outrageous ties and horrendous jokes before the cult of the Hashishin release them on an unsuspecting world. It's a children's fantasy"