Monday, January 29, 2007

King Arthur for Monarch

It's been brought to my attention that Prince Charles isn't too keen to take the regnal name King Charles, considering the popularity of previous holders of that name[1]. The leading suggestion is George VII.

His Royal Highness' full name is, of course, Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor. Clearly the best name of these for a king is Arthur[2]. I doubt that the Prince of Wales will be swayed by mere popular opinion, but, on the off-chance that he would, I propose that we start a campaign for Arthur to be our future king.

You heard it here first! (unless you clicked on the Wikipedia article and read it there)

Obviously we all hope that Charles doesn't have to choose a regnal name for many years. God Save the Queen.

[1] Apologies for that last one, but the connection to the 1st Earl of Sandwich made it irresistable.
[2] Night of the Hats is not drawing parallels between the King Arthur legends and the current Royal Family. Yet.