Friday, January 19, 2007

Blogging about not blogging

Somebody has been working through the archives, and I'd like to reward them with brand new, interesting material. Sadly, that isn't going to happen despite needing to get on with Circular Story, Stan's Tarot and finally do the Trial Part 3.

So instead here's one or two things I intend to do this year, when not slaving over a hot keyboard.

1. Organise a trip to Ireland. (For several people! If you want to be involved, why not drop me a line or post a comment. Amongst our objectives will be to find out if Jim is the heir to the Viscountcy of Buttervant..)

2. As my blog is now the internet's prime resource for "Coq Au Trice" (Google it and see!) I obviously need to cook one.

3. Derby Day! A large trip to the Derby can only be good. This year June 2.

4. Hunt and Gather weekend. It turns out that Vas has never gathered, so it's time to put that right. We don't want to go too hardcore on this; Stan was saying something about a rabbitskin posing pouch.

5. Come up with more new words. When my Dad recently opened a 1.5L of champagne I declared it "Magnumificent". (My research suggests that, although this word has been used before, it seems to have been in reference to Tom Selleck's moustache, or locations from an 80's TV drama).

(Yes, it's a New Years resolution post. Get over it).
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