Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dream Diary 8

Well, a most peculiar dream last night. A short, white haired, green skinned being called Prometheus, who was the mythical Prometheus, had come to Earth and created the Norse and Greek Gods. As an encore he gave science and reason to the human race.

I found this out, when I walked in on him trying to get Thor and Poseidon to get up and come with him. (I might have been Odin when I came through the door, but I was me later in the dream).

It became clear at the end that this was a millenia long courting ritual for his mate, a plant with a rather phallic flower stem. It turns out that Prometheus only has a lifespan of an hour, but can manipulate time (the thing with his liver being torn out again and again was explained away by this).


Well, it's clear enough to me where most of this came from; I'm currently rereading the Moore/Williams comic Promethea[1]; my most recent look into mythlogy comes from Dan Simmon's Ilium/Olympos Duology[2]; and before going to bed I caught most of The Mummy, and was intruiged by the scene in which they use 20th Century technology (in the form of a biplane) to race the mummy-as-djinn's magic (travelling as a sand-tornado)[3]. What's strange about it is the clear plot, which is almost really-logical rather than dream-logical.

[1] More on this later.
[2] Since I don't intend to do more on this later: The scenes in Troy/with Akhilles brilliant; other scenes sometimes drag a bit; there's an absolutely hilarious joke in Ilium that you can't explain out of context.
[3] Also, they don't get the horses and camels in shot together.