Monday, January 08, 2007

Stan's Tarot: Cups Part 1

Cups represent the medieval clerical class; hence spiritual authority, meditation, contemplation and inner feelings; leading naturally to these being the cards of reflection and emotion.

Unsuprisingly they correspond to the water astrological symbols; Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.

Ace of Cups

The Cup of Plenty Overflows, bringing love, contentment, true happiness and overflowing joy. Also: Fertility, Perfect Union, Bountiful Abundance and Spiritual Fulfillment through Unconditional Love.

2 of Cups

Love Declared; An Offer or Marriage; Close Friendship Acknowledged. Mutual Understanding and Intuition.

3 of Cups

Fullfillment of Hopes; Celebration of Good Fortune. Recovery from Illness or Bad Fortune. Abundance, Revelry and Friendship.

4 of Cups

The Grass is always Greener on the other side! Don't take your Blessings for Granted. You should be Thnakful for What you have, rather than Risking it for things you Yearn for.

5 of Cups

Regret, Bitterness, Anger. To taste from many cups, but to forget the sweet wine, only remembering the bitter aftertaste.

6 of Cups

A Yearning for Simpler Times, Childhood Joys, Innocence and Less Responsibility. Faithful Acceptance and Unquestioning and Unconditional Love. But beware of Nostalgia, as you can never return to the Past.

7 of Cups

Success and Love are Close if you follow the right path. On another path, Illusions and Dreams may never be Realised. Too many Roads to Choose from can slow the Journey. The Gifts of Imagination and Creativity can distract you from your Destination. Material Goods may bring Little Satisfaction.

Note that a couple of these have worked out well, and some are innapropriate. Also, I have cribbed heavily from Kat Black's Golden Tarot Book.

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