Friday, January 05, 2007

Jim's holiday

Jim's holiday from June 2006 (Yes, I'm sorting out old emails. Why do you ask?):

I received an unusual communication, which I reproduce below:


"What I did on My Holidays"
By Jim
Aged 30 and 7/8

For my holidays I went to Roads. Roads is an island off the coast of Turkey, but it belongs to Greese. Roads used to be Collossal, but then it fell down and an Oricle told them not to rebuild it.

Roads is very hot and sunny. The beaches are filled with men and ladies with no tops on. An told me not to spend all day in the sun staring at the ladies with no tops on, but I did and my face went read and I got a headache. This is all An's' fault.

I think everybody should go to Roads for there holidays. Like An says "All Rhoads lead to Roades".


Even more unusual is the fact that at the bottom it
says "3/10 - see me" in Vas' handwriting.
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