Monday, March 28, 2011

What I've Been Drinking

This year, my mixed drinks have mostly been one of these two. One is non-alcoholic! For shame.

Virgin Mary

Put a couple of ice cubes in a large tumbler
Nearly fill with V8 or other tomato based vegetable juice
Splash in some Worcestershire sauce and 5-6 drops of Tabasco
Stir with a length of celery

If you add a measure of vodka this becomes a Bloody Mary. Two or more measures an it becomes a Bloody Hell! Mary.

Campari, Lemon and Lime

Pour a generous measure of chilled Campari into a tumbler. If you don't usually drink Campari be cautious as it is very bitter. Add a similar amount of chilled lime cordial. Top up with chilled lemonade.

My Mum brought this recipe back from New Zealand, with no information on it's name or origins.
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