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SGR: Long Playing Records Here Come Out On The Popular "Shouting Melon" Format.

(I'm writing about the webcomic Scary Go Round. My introduction is here.)

Chapter 8: Where The Dumb Things Are

Click on the chapter title above to read this chapter; when you get to a page where Ryan and Hugo are talking about how Ryan has lost his powers with the ladies you have reached the next chapter which is beyond the scope of this post. If for some reason, rather than reading the comic you want to stay here, at the bottom of this post is the plot synopsis and character list I made to keep everything straight in my head.


The conclusion to Dimensionality. So the 4th dimension is filled with cute creatures that look a little like things from our dimension, but a bit off. Things work a bit like here, but always a bit off to the side, or at an angle. There are records, but they're on shouting melons. There are buses, but they're floating whales. If you aggravate something in the forest it will fly after you (and you can escape by diving under water) but in this case it's winged eyeballs. The locals talk, but in almost understandable glyphs.

On balance I like the 4th dimension. We leave fairly quickly, before it has a chance to outstay it's welcome. Rockstar Amy in the 4th dimension has funkier hair, even skimpier tops and seems more confident and strong willed. Rachel becomes, if not more evil, certainly more cunning and ruthless. The major revelation is Shelley's past. She was a hotshot lawyer, but quit after her first case, due to a phobia of judges. Combine this with being dead, then a zombie for a while and her scattershot career becomes almost understandable. She's being a bit big sister here - looking for Amy in the previous episode, representing William in this one - standing up and being sensible while everything is going crazy.

The funny stuff is mostly Rachel and Tessa bickering and the 4th dimension being hilarious. On the other hand I found the exchange about sausages inexplicably amusing. The big Shelley's judge phobia joke I found too sad to be very funny.

So the next comic will be back in the 3rd dimension (this being a comic on a screen or page, those three dimensions are of course height, width and page number). It brings us back to Ryan who will sing The Ballad of the Man.

Best Lines/ Alternative Titles

I bet sentient, forward-thinking societies taste delicious.

That's you Rachel... the million pound ass.

Now I hate 100% of the things in this this universe!

Would you be angry if I had incited a swarm of flying eyes to chase me?

Have you never wanted to poke an eyeball? Just to see how it felt?

What would Peacenik President Jimmy Carter do? He'd use peanuts to find the answer.

Could these brightly coloured shapes be a picture of Amy, the dismal debutante we... desire to... discover?

These grubs got class.

Today is the day the music dies.

Our unflappability is virtually Angela Lansbury Level.

Future generations might reject their father's terrorising ways! Or eat your face.

Skellingtons are so versatile.

We've been here for five days and all we've eaten is waterproof sealant. We're not totally sure what constitutes a toilet on this planet. We are willing to compromise

Also you could fall into the toilet bowl and it does not look very clean.

If "Another dimension" is a fun way of saying "the afterlife", I don't think I can get you off the charges.

I went to law school, but I only ever took one case. it turned out I have a pathological fear of judges.

A powerful legal brain is no use if it's crying in the ladies' toilets.

No man can eat three whole girls.

Wanted: Angry mob for illegal righteous righting of wretched wrongs.

Two minutes into my beat poetry epic "Nexus" and every one of them was either crying or trying not to.

Long playing records here come out on the popular "Shouting Melon" format.

And a young thing like you should be out kicking her heels with a babycham and a nice fella.

Cops are drawn to our sexy sins.

The sweet pheremonal zephyr of girls gone bad.


Rachel - lost in the 4th dimension
Tessa - also missing in the 4th dimension
William - charged with three counts of murder and cannibalism
Amy - successful recording star in the 4th dimension
Len - Amy's father, seeking extra-legal justice
Shelley - William's lawyer with a fatal flaw
Full supporting cast of adorable but weird 4th dimensional creatures including
Krakkagar - shiny black beetle and Rachel's childhood nemesis


We open on Tessa and Rachel bickering in another universe and regretting ending up here. Rachel starts fishing for food, but Tessa is worried that in this universe fish might be sentient forward thinking society. She catches a fish with a bowler hat and an umbrella, that "speaks", in that it's speech bubble contains the picture of a bicycle.

Rachel then enrages a swarm of flying eyeballs, and they escape by diving into the water. They try to come up with a plan to find Amy, oblivious of the posters depicting Amy in a (different) cartoon style. They spot some, things, all with horns, standing around a diabolically deformed bus stop. On the bus stop they finally recognise Amy on a poster. They busk badly to get bus fare.

The bus turns out to be a floating whale. They arrive in town, pleased with themselves over how calmly they are taking this. Then Rachel spots Krakkagar her childhood nemesis, and his many children and panics.

After 4 days in the city they are tired, dirty and hungry, and the food they have stolen may have been from a DIY store. Rachel and Tessa finally find Amy. Amy is not keen to return home, and Rachel and Tessa are willing to compromise.

Back in the 3rd Dimension, Shelley visits Will in jail, where he is forced to wear a Hannibal Lector style mask. He has been accused of killing and eating Amy, Rachel and Tessa. Will tells her he sent them to another dimension, which Shelley misinterprets as the afterlife. Shelley has taken the case to confront her pathological fear of judges. Outside the prison, Len is distributing leaflets to stir up a mob for some vigilante justice.

Tessa suggests grabbing Amy and returning home, but Rachel seems happy to have her hair and clothes done my Mrs Mushroom-Shaped, and become part of Amy's entourage. Amy explains what happened - a deviant maniac creature kidnapped her. However the 4th Dimension police were waiting and grabbed him. Faced with them, Amy drew inspiration from her "Where the Wild things Are" and reduced most of them to tears with her poetry. Amy's first album "Just Amy" is about to come out on the popular Shouting Melon format.

Shocked by Rachel's betrayal, Tessa decides to get so drunk she'll be sick. She gets around the language problem by illustrating this.

The Mayor warns Shelley to be careful - after all Will could turn out to be a mass murderer. He suggests she should be out with a nice young fella, but Shelley thinks a bad young fella might suit her better.

Amy and Rachel spend some time at a party. Rachel is revealed to be heiress to the Dukakis-Monteforte biscuit dynasty. She works in the pub due to burning down some outhouses at her family home. Then Rachel distracts Amy by claiming a piece of fruit looks like Moses, and belts her on the head. She makes her excuses, claiming Amy is drunk. The creatures are incomprehensible, although one seems to suggest an ambulance. They ride a cow-taxi into the forest. Rachel is confident Tessa will have spotted her ruse and be ready in the forest to get them home, but instead she is drunk and flirting with Krakkagar.

Arriving at the forest, Rachel trys to pay with a handful of grubs. The taxi driver (probably) calls the police who set off in pursuit. Meanwhile Tessa decides to go home on her own, and shouts at a picture of Rachel, presumably a police notice. They meet in the forest. Rachel bribes Tessa with a can of warm lager shandy to come up with a plan to get them up to the hole to their own dimension. Tessa designs and builds a catapult. They can hear sirens and Amy is moaning. Rachel admires her can-do attitude and wicked clothes, but states that she is going home in the catapult and having sausages for tea.

They shoot the catapult and return to the 3rd dimension. They come up with a cover story of Amy joining a cult. They rescued her and escaped by making a hot air balloon out of robes and powered it by Amy holding a freestyle poetry jam underneath. In the meantime the pub has been shored up. Amy celebrates with her friends, and William is out of jail.
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