Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SGR: I Didn't Realise When I Demolished The Shed I Was Opening Up A Doorway To Ancient Feudal Japan

(I'm writing about the webcomic Scary Go Round. My introduction is here.)

Chapter 11: Robot Town Hall

Click on the chapter title above to read this chapter; when you get to a page where Amy has failed to repair a robot and suggests going to see Tim you have reached the next chapter which is beyond the scope of this post.


Shelley mishears the Mayor when he mumbles around his pipe and twins the town with Robotania, a former Soviet Republic where all the communist robots ended up. They arrive and cause chaos. Hijinks ensue.

This was promised back in Down, and now it arrives. The robots predictably wreck things, then, when put in the bus station, find themselves in the soviet robot equivalent of a high class brothel. This is quite short as a chapter, which is just as well as otherwise the strip would inevitably be taken over by a cast of ex-soviet war machines. Although amusing, it almost takes a backseat to the domestic drama of Shelley and Amy moving out of Fallon's house due to ninja attacks and moving 20 minutes out of Tackleford, where things are less dangerous, except for the demon possessed tractor.

The moving certainly gives us some insight into Shelley as housemate - the list of houserules, and one of the moving boxes is labelled fun things a-f.

Also I think this is the first time that a swearword appears blacked out. The word "tupping", an archaic term for sexual intercourse, has been standing in until now. Tellingly, Amy says it on page, but Shelley actually came up with the word. Later Amy uses the word "rutting", again for robot sex.

Finally, with the robot drinks dispenser destroyed, Amy tries to repair it. Does she have a prayer? Find out in Bad Religion.

Best Lines/ Alternative Titles

I'm sorry Shelley. I didn't realise when I demolished the shed I was opening up a doorway to ancient feudal Japan.

I'm moving to Top Mareswich. The Greatest danger there is a runaway demon-possessed Tractor. The estate agent assures me this basically almost never happens.

Shelley's list of houserules:

1. No nuts after 10.30 at night (exc. pistachio)
2. No mildew
3. No singing/whistling out of tune
4. Respect for royal family + landed gentry AT ALL TIMES

You may see an educated pig taking tea with the vicar. That is nature being awesome.

I don't know if I can eat an egg when I can see the chicken it came out of.

You should be applying that shame to the many areas of your life that require it.

I suppose brain surgeons wouldn't mess around in brain goo if they didn't like it.

God knows what people who weren't born as fabulous eye candy do.

Women of Robotania smell of old diesel, also rarely serviced.

Reality is a pie of which I do not require another slice.

Later in the dream I solved all the problems by singing sweetly. The song concerned a cheeky corncob who loved chocolate.

"Shel, you should enter the lame Olympics." "My main event would be 'drawing a picture of a pathetic, wobbly looking duck'. Or maybe 'laughing at inappropriate times in a thin, high voice'."


Fallon, who has infested the house with ninjas
Shelley, tired of ninjas, makes a small but important error at work
Amy, also tired of ninjas, is not 100% useful as a housemate
The Mayor, initially unhappy with his town being destroyed by Ex-Soviet robots finds his happy place with prescription medicine
Hugo, making a cameo appearance, is shocked by Shelley's language
The Robot Drinks Dispenser, making a brief reappearance
Supporting cast of Communist Robot War Machines
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