Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Democracy

Here's the thing - I love voting. Politics is interesting, and I often find myself digging through all kinds of lurid wonkish details to try and find out the answers[1] but I can take it or leave it. I've barely followed the budget details this time, if only because all the important stuff was in the one the coalition presented after they won the election.

But voting, I always do that. At every opportunity. The best one is the Presidential General Election where for one day my vote counts the same as even the Prime Minister[2]. "In your face Major/Blair/Brown" I've had the chance to say, "Today I am as important as you. My vote counts as much as yours!"[3]

You know, MPs get to vote hundreds of times a year. Maybe that's why people lie down in the sordid bead of politics!

So I got my voting card for the council elections. Another, funnier, view on voting can be found here.

[1] If you have to dig through the details, usually the answer is "maybe".
[2] Not the Queen though, who doesn't get to vote. Does she for local elections? Do Peers get to vote for their council? I should maybe look this stuff up.
[3] Due to the first past the post system and since no parliamentary candidate I have voted for has ever been elected, while in the same elections Major, Blair and Brown presumably voted for themselves and all got elected to their seats, technically this is not true.
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