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SGR: You Shame Science With Your Lies

(I'm writing about the webcomic Scary Go Round. My introduction is here.)

Chapter 5: Down

Click on the chapter title above to read this chapter; when you get to a page where Ryan is explaining how the moon is an optical illusion caused by the sun reflecting off a bald guys head you have reached the next chapter which is beyond the scope of this post. If for some reason, rather than reading the comic you want to stay here, at the bottom of this post is the plot synopsis and character list I made to keep everything straight in my head.


The last page of the previous story advertises "Robot Town Hall". Although this episode includes a robot and the town hall and puts the one in the other, the chapter called Robot Town Hall doesn't appear until Chapter 11 (which would have been 10 months in old money when it was new). Allison obviously changed his mind.

Perhaps because of this, the chapter is short and undramatic. Ryan and Amy go to lunch at a new place, Shelley gets a new job at the town hall, Tim builds a robot vending machine and sends it to the town hall. It's an off-speed set up chapter. Perhaps because of this, there's some good gag pages. Tim's optimism about the robot not going wrong under any conditions is good, leading to the title of this post. The list of his inventions (The Cake Hammer, The Acne Sander, Sex Dust) is good, better still his book Electromagnetism: One Bad Mother, and best of all his planned next job as hot-air ballooning vigilante. Hugo's sandwich shop is almost suspiciously cool.

Interestingly all the cast we see, we see at work in this episode; Tim inventing, Amy working for Tim, Shelley at the town hall, Ryan at the record shop and introducing Hugo at the Sandwich shop and the mayor at the town hall. Amy looks strangely off in this episode - always puzzled or vacant. The bodycount is zero, as might be hoped between wacky adventures.

All in all, it's not really a chapter, but a long interlude between the previous episode and the next, when Scary Go Round takes it's first trip abroad, to Romania.

Best Lines/ Alternative Titles

But I tell you, the fifth time you pop a wheelie in a double decker bus, it doesn't even feel like you're doing it.

This is the custom car of all ladies. My knees be weak like wet paper.

Does your meal deal really comprise a sandwich and malt liquor?

I just thought waving a gun around in the interview might focus some minds, is all. You don't gots to shoot it.

I had a go on Microsoft Office. It weren't as good as Gran Turismo.

He mathematically devised how sexy a lady's bottom can be! He uses the equation daily!

I'd just move on to the "Hot-air ballooning vigilante" stage of my career earlier than planned.

Electromagnetism is a benign force. I am 85% sure it would make the robot's brain extra nice.

You shame science with your lies.

You wouldn't put an ape in a box like that.

It's a robot! They're our metal friends from Japan! I read it in a book!!!

"I've got a milkshake with an umbrella in it! It cannot be diluted by rain!

God loves weasels, but do they really need an aqueduct?


Shelley, newly employed in the Town Hall Press Office
Tim, Inventor of the Jonesco Robot Drink Vending Machine
Amy, Assisting Tim
Ryan, Revealed to be ignorant about what goes on in offices
Hugo, Sandwich maker with attitude
Mr Mayor, the mayor


Ryan and Amy go to lunch at the new place "Hugo's". It is extremely cool. Leaving with their sandwiches they meet Shelley who has got a job at the town hall press office. Ryan has no idea how offices actually work, or maybe he does. As Amy leaves he claims Tim is extremely dirty and drops things for Amy to bend over and pick up. Amy leaves with her fingers in her ears singing "La La La".

Tim is inventing a robot vending machine, but is discouraged, feeling that his inventions names are better than his ideas. He plans to give the robot vending machine to the Town Hall for publicity. Amy is worried that the robot will go wrong which would be bad publicity.

It arrives at the Town Hall. Shelley is enthusiastic, but the Mayor is unimpressed.
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