Thursday, October 04, 2007

To lighten the mood

I had intended to follow up my previous downer of a post with something that always cheers me up: Hilary Swank crashlanding a shuttle in the film The Core. Jim and I once watched a film entirely about a shuttle crash, which I can't find listed on IMDb, and afterwards said "but it was so much better in The Core!" so we watched that sequence from The Core and they'd done a much better job in a five minute sequence than the 90-odd minutes it had taken the other film. Anyway, nobody has been cheeky enough to upload that particular sequence onto Youtube so instead, if you want a moodlifter Warren Ellis asks the question What is the Greatest TV Title Sequence of All Time?

Update: Jim reminds me that the film we saw was Max Q, 91 minutes of our lives we aren't going to get back (except in Argentina, which IMDb claims has a runtime of 98 minutes for this film).
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