Friday, October 12, 2007

'Sympathy for the Devil' is too obvious

The situation is that you are part of an American Special Forces Unit[1] flying on a helicopter on a mission into the jungle[2]. The question is, what song (or songs or other music) would you have blaring out on the stereo?

Since it's the only way to get anyone to answer, I'm making this a competition, for a prize I'll figure out later. If Stan is the only one to answer he'll obviously win, and no one wants that[3]. Maybe everyone who enters should get a prize. That would be good. Perhaps I'll do that.

Entries either in comments, or if it's too embarrassing for that by email, or for even more embarrassing than that[4] by email, but claiming it's a friend's selection. The deadline will be one week from today, but I'll probably accept anything that limps in over the weekend of the 20th-21st. Go check out your music collections and war films!

[1] Including Green Berets, Delta Force, SEALs, Rangers, Marine Force Recon etc.
[2] If the jungle is jungly enough, then you might be sailing on a boat up a river, in the back of a truck, or maybe even riding on top of a tank; conversely other terrain would be acceptable (mountains and deserts being topical) but then it would have to be a helicopter.
[3] Stan does, but he'll be forever haunted by the possibility that he's won not through his virtues but by default.
[4] No excuse now Jim.
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