Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooky Hallowe'en Midweek Monkey Business

I Put A Spell On You isn't actually a scary song and would normally look like a fairly lame Hallowe'en effort. Or so I thought until I saw this video of Screamin Jay Hawkins performing it. Other Hallowe'en-related songs:

The Time Warp (Again) - here with Star Trek visuals (note the Pagesbar tag)

Skullcrusher Mountain - This is a Jonathan Coulton song from one of his make-a-video competitions. It has too many monkeys, and if I'm lazy I'll recycle this link as the monkey link.

Remains of the Day - from The Corpse Bride.

Spooky - Dusty Springfield. There's some other versions of this song with spookier videos, but I like this version of the song. Some of you may say this blog has had too much Dusty Springfield recently. I say that a quick google has found me several blogs with much greater Dusty content and I still want more! Ahem.

There's probably some actual hallowe'en cartoons on the internet, but here's a Wondermark cartoon that sums up my feelings. Pho999 on Scans_daily has posted a hallowe'en urban legend. Also more youtube action, this time, Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party; as always with Betty Boop, it's 5 minutes of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot although it does actually have some kind of resolution at the end of this one.

Blogger's blogs of note has brought up this gem: Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century. Is Jim reading this? Someone poke him with a stick, as this blog is definitely in his bag.

I would post about Samhain, but it's too much like hard work. I'll pull out all the stops for midwinter though. Promise.

Does anyone else remember Tales of the Golden Monkey? Flying boats? Mysterious goings-on? Japanese bad guys? Well, the fansite above has it's own Youtube channel (which, since you can set one up yourself isn't actually that exciting).

Still looks a bit light. Here's a link to the covers of some romance novels; note that the Tricks and Treats series includes the most erotic of fruit, the Pumpkin. Or is it a vegetable?
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