Thursday, October 04, 2007

48 Hours Critical Window

Numb3rs is an American TV show which is better than that aggravating 3 in the title would seem to indicate. It does seem specifically aimed at me - young brilliant maths prodigy is the brother of a young ass-kicking FBI agent[1]; whenever a crime is a bit unusual Don (FBI) calls in Charlie (Maths Professor) as a consultant[2] - but I didn't have anything to say about it that you couldn't get from a close watching of an episode or two[3]. Then on Tuesday, at the start they flashed up 4 numerical factoids that I was familiarish with (from watching Without a Trace):


And I'm putting together 90% Parents responsible and 56% Children found alive and I'm not liking what that adds up, and I'm really not liking those figures combined with 203,900. Even if we include kids being snatched by parents who are split up and then vanish.

So anyway. That was today's depressing moment. Time for something uplifting.

[1] An FBI agent whose team is so flexible they get brought in on any type of crime; either that or the LA office is very short on big crime solving teams
[2] No nepotism going on there
[3] Not that that usually stops me

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Mez said...

It's a bit like the statistics on murder and rape. It probably differs a bit with countries, but here it's usually someone you know, and with murder, the closer the person, the more likely.
I guess that could be one reason why people get suspicious about parents of disappeared/murdered children like JonBenet Ramsay, Azaria Chamberlain and the current Madelaine McCann.

One case was just in court in Melbourne - here's two links that give the story, if you feel up to the sadness (no gory details).
(the SMH headline was "In the name of the father, how could he?")