Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Business Midweek Monkey

From Paul, the excellent song/intro to Beach Blanket Bingo. Paul says "Why can't all parties be as fun as this?" I say, why does that never happen to me when I go fishing? Also, I've previously noted my appreciation of Amy Macdonald's voice, but for some reason didn't point you at this video for her song L.A.; not only do I like the song more than Mr Rock and Roll, but she smiles and seems to be enjoying herself once or twice in this one.

I thought the Jessica Simpson video for These Boots Are Made For Walking was blatant and exploitative (although there's nothing wrong with that per se); what I'd forgotten was that the Nancy Sinatra original was equally so, if in a slightly camp (kitsch? naive?) sixties way.

Via Beaucoupkevin, Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life a webcomic about 2 robots from Mercury on a road trip through a Solar System in which the human race has died out. Also about drinking, free will and the nature of being human. It got the first update in six months last month; the author says "Forget fear of commitment, I don't even go on second dates." Well, hell, I can top that, I don't even go on first... What? It's not a competition?

Wondermark gives us a heads up on the hot memes for next year's internet. And here is a pi pie.

We've just missed the anniversary of Bishop Ussher's date for the creation of the world (23 October; note also that he calculates that Adam and Eve are driven from paradise on 10 November, a very short period of tenancy indeed); note that the 9:00 AM time comes from James Lightfoot, and that's a time for the creation of Man, not of the world. In celebration here's that picture of the Earth from the Moon. Ah, the Moon. Must blog about that soon.

Via Making Light the Robotic Dalek Pumpkin, presented without comment.

And from 1959, a news report on how two monkeys were the first animals to survive a space mission.
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