Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That thing I do on Wednesdays, with monkeys.

Midweek Monkey Business looked a bit light last week, and seems even lighter this week, so I'll probably take next week off and institute a one Wednesday off a month to let the links and enthusiasm build up again. Meanwhile:

I caught this while flicking through the music channels last night. I know nothing about this band, but I like the video a lot and the song quite a bit; The Young Knives, The Decision. (It turns out there was an earlier video which was darker, funnier and a bit more disturbing.)

On Saturday night, or rather Sunday morning, the disc jockey in the discotheque we were patronising put on a version of Son of a Preacher Man. I didn't recognise the version[1], but was pretty sure it wasn't Dusty or Aretha. A quick flick through the Youtube archives got me this live Joss Stone version which is pretty close, but the Wikipedia entry on the song lists 69 covers, so I'm unlikely to get to the bottom of it soon.

(I'm not going to apologise for linking to 3 versions of Son of a Preacher Man but this is what I mean by being a bit light on ideas).

Dark Horse Comics have a graphic novel version of War of the Worlds (Story H G Wells, Adapted by Ian Edginton, Art by D'Israeli) online - it's good, although I can't help comparing it to Volume 2 of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen[2]. On a lighter note, to get the most out Sluggy Freelance you need to got through the 10 years of back issues. Nevertheless there are some bits that standalone pretty well, like last Friday's strip.

Warren Ellis recently linked to what he described as "the best found-image photoblog in the world" the Not Safe For Work named riotclitshave. It has images that are not safe for work, and in some cases not safe for anyone, many fascinating ones (the German girls ice hockey team from the 30's with swastikas on their chunky jumpers; the nun with the eye patch; USS Iowa from above firing it's guns so you can see the shock waves; 2 clowns heading for a corner, around which is about to come a man with a trolley of pies and none of them watching where they're going etc.) and some pictures that everyone in the world should see. Also some monkeys.

I really am out of ideas now to bring up this link to The Medieval Cookery website. There are many interesting recipes (remember, no using anything from the New World - not tomatoes, potatoes, chili, or (gasp!) chocolate) but the main thing to remember is that they loved pepper. So much pepper.

And of course, Mr Monkey's World of Hats. There. The tank's empty. Hope you're satisfied.

[1] Possibly because of the two hour happy hour at the cocktail bar earlier that day
[2] Repeat to yourself 100 times: "There was no film. There was no film."
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