Saturday, June 30, 2007

True-ish stories from Scotland's hostels

Overheard in Inverness Student Hotel:

Lee: Evan, did you book any girls into no. 7 last night? It was just boys right?
Evan: Just boys, yeah. Why?
Lee: Rene just found a used condom in there.


Evan: Ah. Erm.
Lee: Yeah, "Ah".

(Later Rene got a drink as a reward for dealing with it. Meanwhile Lee (an Aussie) was hassled by French people trying to book rooms).


Story from Brodies 2, Edinburgh

An Irish Lady in Room 5 rang Michelle in reception asking her to come in. It seems she'd gone to bed, but forgotten to turn the light off, and wanted them to turn the light off.

(This story had an unhappy ending, as the Lady in question got crazier and crazier and ended up threatening one of the staff, which meant the Polis were in the hostel taking statements when I left).
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