Friday, June 15, 2007

Packing with my brain in the off position

After packing, I realised that I'd unconsciously assumed I was on a flight, so had overpacked my shoulderbag (my "man-bag") with all the things most useful if I'm separated from my hold luggage (change of clothes, washbag, towel, medication etc. also electronic stuff to avoid my luggage being destroyed by a controlled explosion) as well as things wanted on voyage (books, sunhat, suncream, waterbottle, umbrella). As always this leaves no room for my jacket, which has to be tied around my waist, or slung over the shoulderbag.

Eventually I realised that separation from large bag is the keast of my worries and jammed the extra clothes, towel and electronics into the rucksack, which means the jacket is now in the shoulderbag. So it's just as overpacked, but I don't need a third hand to deal with my jacket. Unfortunately the weather begins to look dodgy and I'm rethinking my wet weather gear...

Sorry for the dullness of this post, but this sort of thing is what occupies my mind when I'm travelling.