Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer Holiday

I don't give straight answers to questions, I don't volunteer information and I lie all the time. All of this to avoid confronting parts of myself and my life I'm too lazy to deal with.

But you know this[1]. This introduction is here because, for this post and the project it's about, I'm going to break these habits and generally act out of character by being as clear, transparent and straightforward as I can.

So. A bunch of my friends are going to Glastonbury, which I didn't apply for as I was too apathetic and depressed back in February[2]. Rather than hang around watching it on TV, I'm going to head north, looking for longer days and shorter nights and generally having adventures.[3]

Dates: The minimum period I intend to go for is from Saturday 16 June (when I'm booked to be in Reading) Friday 15 June to deliver a ticket in London, then go on to Reading the next day, until Friday 29 June when I will return in triumph to London and/or Kent to be bored and confused by enthusiastic and incoherent Glastonbury stories. I may yet extend this from the start or (more likely) the end.

Places: Reading (16 June), then Edinburgh and Inverness. Other than that:

I may call in at York (especially if I can get Bod to take me out on the town);
It looks remarkably easy to get to the Orkneys, which would be cool;
A highland Whiskey Distillery tour does not seem unfeasible;
Update: Carlisle to see Anna appears to be on the cards.

I'll be researching and booking this week.

Contact and Real Time Tracking: I'll be available on my mobile most of the time I expect. Apart from that, I'll probably use some combination of this blog, facebook, twitter and Stan's photo website to keep you all updated when I get internet access. As clearly, transparently and straightforwardly as possible. Once I've figured out a way to integrate them. Update: There's now a facebook group called Neil's Travels, which gives people somewhere to gossip about me.

Suggestions: Send via email or the comments below which are open.

Note 1: This is an experiment in acting out of character, as my current one seems too predictable, and, honestly, isn't as healthy as it should be.
Note 2: I'll be updating and moving this post back up to the top of the blog until such time as I leave. This may cock up the RSS feed for the two of you who follow the blog that way.

[1] Unless you're a random internet stranger who's come across this atypically confessional post, obviously.
[2] Maybe too truthful? It may take me some time to get used to this.
[3] Also probably watching Glastonbury on TV in a hostel in Inverness.
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