Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Packing List (in progress)

Sleeping Bag (mostly for people's floors)
Towel (lightweight)
Sunhat * - can't find it so may have to buy a new one Update: Found it!
Travel sewing kit
Plasters, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, anti-allergy pills, strepsils
Wash Bag (check contents!)
8 pairs socks
8 pairs pants
6 T-shirts
3 shirts
3 trousers
2 shorts (one doubling as swimming trunks)
Other Reading material (intend to take the opportunity to read some Harry Potter)
Camera, charger, and USB connector + Spare card
Phone and charger
Pens and pencils
Notebooks and Paper (A4 plain for Parker Storyboards - I would take my sketchbook but it's a pain in the arse to drag about and doesn't fit in the scanner)
MP3 player
Water Bottle
Sweets and fruit for emergency supplies
Big Rucksack
Shoulder Bag ("Man-Bag")
Bag that attaches to Rucksack for when I run out of room (doubles as laundry bag)
Rain Poncho
Lightweight Jacket
2 Jumpers
Alarm clock
Travel Tissues (the sort sort that can double as toilet paper, or triple as a towel)
Waterproof Trousers (since I haven't been able to find these for about 5 trips, I probably need to buy some new ones)
Sun Cream

Update 1: In Green. Note also that I may have to cut down when I actually try and pack these things.
Update 2: In Red
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