Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, if there's been one recurring theme on this trip it's something notable about the showers. In order:

I was the first to use Mez and Sarah's en suite (shower hose didn't have anywhere to hook).

I was the first to use Ross and Boris' downstairs shower (the head points directly out the door, and pushes it open if you're unwary).

In Edinburgh, the showers aren't especially notable, except that in unisex showers the locks usually work, and the doors are taller than (say) five foot ten.

In Inverness, there were four showers in the hostel but only two worked (one more had been fixed when I came back south)

In Kirkwall, the men's showers, although hidden in an alcove from the washroom, were only guarded by curtains.

Update: Just realised I've broken my golden rule of not criticising peoples interior decor in public. I can only hope this doesn't backfire in an unexpected and amusing-to-everyone-but-me way.
2nd Update: I've not mentioned Stan's shower. Oh well.
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