Monday, June 18, 2007

In Edinburgh

I'm touristy today; I've been to the Elephant House, the cafe where J K Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter novel and had the full Scottish breakfast which includes haggis. Good place for writing a novel; decent coffee, and only 50p for a refill.

I went to Edinburgh Castle and have seen the Stone of Destiny[1] and the other Scottish Honours[2], all kinds of swords, pistols, pole arms and a big gun called Mons Meg[3].

I inspected the castle from all angles, and determined that, rather unsportingly, the easiest approach is the most strongly fortified, and along the way went into the National Gallery of Scotland where my man-bag proved it's superiority to a rucksack, I saw, amongst other things, many statues of women with nice arses and a surprisingly graphic portrayal of the story of Cimon and Pero[4].

More touristy tomorrow; if it's good weather up Arthur's Seat, otherwise into the National and Royal Museums.

[1] Aka The Stone of Scone
[2] Aka The Scottish Crown Jewels
[3] Mons is latin for mount, so this would be Mount Meg. Jim, I insist on answers!
[4] If you don't know this story, don't go looking for it, as it will just disturb you.