Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Twelve: Stan Movies

Here's what happens: I take a bunch of movies and insert Stan into the title and we see what falls out. It amused people before so here's some new ones:

Stan gets a new car. It turns into a robot! Other cars turn up and turn into robots. The robots fight! Hugo Weaving co-stars.

Prince of Persia: The Stans of Time
Dean and I missed the first ten minutes of this, but based on the vast amount of rope used, the, ahem, natural produce used by the "Hassansins" and our knowledge of Persian history, we reckon there must have been Cataphracts riding by hemp fields.

The Stantrix
Stan discovers his life is controlled by computers. Complications ensue. Hugo Weaving co-stars.

Stanzilla vs Mechastanzilla
Stan gets a dinosaur suit for Christmas. When he wakes up, he discovers he seems to have destroyed Tokyo. it turns out aliens have created a robot in a dinosaur suit that impersonates him. Complications ensue.

The Wolfstan
Classic Horror remake. Stan isn't a werewolf[1] but this does not help him when he is fitted up for lycanthropy. Complications ensue. Hugo Weaving co-stars.

S for Standetta
Stan wears a mask and takes on a fascist government. Hugo Weaving co-stars.

Clash of the Tistans
Classic fantasy remake. Staneus has to fight a variety of mytholgical CGI monsters.

Stan Pilgrim Vs The World
Stan has to fight his girlfriend's exes (ex's? exe's?). Complications ensue.

[1] For, as we all know, he is an immortal vampire king
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