Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Seventeen: Solstice

The days are getting longer[1]. In previous years I've moaned about the length of the darkness during midwinter. This year I don't seem to be feeling it. There's not the iron weight on my back, the sledgehammer bruise on my head and the grey shadow over everything. Maybe it's because I'm not having to get up before dawn. Maybe it's that I don't have the people-interaction stress[2]. Maybe I'm not drinking as much. I don't know.

But anyway, even though it's a dull, grey, cold day, with showers, I went out to the market and it was brilliant. The wind, the rain, people trying to be festive. I even met one of my former students. So enough of the maudlinity maudliness melancholy of some of these posts. Let's celebrate!

[1] Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, or are reading this later in the wrong half of the year. Or both. In which case, sucks to be you.
[2] Especially amongst people where I have to act professional. Or at least mundane.
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