Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Six in December

Song: The Middle, Jimmy Eat World. The video is a party where everyone is in their underwear! Sometimes I wonder if Jim is a music video director.

Book: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Paul Torday. It starts off looking to be a gentle comedy, a satire of impossible projects and the people who have to complete them, but it turns into something more interesting, deeper, and slightly darker than expected. But funny too.

Film: The Searchers. Probably John Wayne's best film; possibly director John Ford's best film. A Western about perseverance, love and redemption. If you watch closely you can see it's influence on Star Wars. Go on, watch closely. You know you want to.

Food: It's mincemeat time again. Mmm mincemeat.

Wild Card: An interesting article on how on the internet no one knows you're a dog, or a forty year old pervert in your underwear, or, in this case... well that would give a little too much away.

Bonus: Do I have a bonus? And if I don't should I maybe try and blog according to the schedule I've set myself? Well perhaps I do.
cash advance

(It was postgrad when I first checked, dammit. Have I been dumbing down?)