Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not Midweek Monkey Business

I drew the above when asked why I want a trebuchet. It is, of course, a non sequitur so don't try and work out why the trebuchet settles the argument.

In other news Bonde do Role, who I previously mentioned and complained they had no video for the song Marina Gasolina, now have one. It is Not Safe For Work. It hasn't quite got over to the Not Safe For Anyone Ever[1] category, but be warned that it is both rude and odd. In amongst the W00T!s and complaints in the comments there's some information about the lyrics and why an Australian underwear company stopped using it for advertising (it's rude).

While I'm embedding things, here's something that's NOT a Christmas song[2].

[1] As a rule I don't link to sites in that category.
[2] I have nowt against Christmas songs, but you can find them easily enough yourself.