Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Five December Style

Song: Rockstar, Nickelback. Let me tell you what annoys me, the lyric "Gonna join the mile high club/ At thirty-seven thousand feet". That's the six-mile high club. I can't find the song writing credit, so I hold the whole band to blame.

Book: Lion of Macedon, David Gemmel. It's one of the Gemmel books where he avoids his own formula, partly because he has some real history to jam into his fantasy of Parmenion, general to Philip of Macedon. The sequel Dark Prince was recently plagiarised in a complex and unlikely literary scandal; sincerest form of flattery?

Film: Movie Night has been called off, so I'll use the film column to link to this video of a stag weekend my brother went to in Bratislava. What's interesting is not the content, but the fact the final scene is about midnight on 20 August and the video was up the next day. By 0900 in fact. This kind of thing unimaginable a few years ago. Welcome to the 21st Century (again).

Food: Fish Pie! Have I blogged about fish pie before? I can't remember! Mmm. Fish Pie.

Wild Card: My brother writes to note that between his first visit to this blog from Syria and the second, it was blocked (as was facebook). Apparently using a "poxy server" gets around the wailing fire-wall. Once again Strange Maps has the information.
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