Friday, July 27, 2007

Scheduling Note

My intention is have Midweek Monkey Business arriving on your screen, still bloody in the middle if necessary, in time for lunch on Wednesdays. It is explicitly designed for the working slacker[1] to peruse midweek.

Friday Five is supposed to be a bit more casual. If, like one correspondent, you find yourself sitting waiting for it with baited breath when you get into work, you're going to be disappointed. Hell, I might not get to it until after quitting time. It's for things to do outside work, IE the weekend.

If you insist on having your internet reading material available during the working day, I suggest you show some goddamn self-discipline and wait until Monday. Pretend that Friday Five is actually Monday Monkey Business "Start the Week Stuff".

That is all.

[1] Or slacking worker