Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In which I act as a surrogate brother

Mandy, the sister of a friend of mine, is in the Maldives doing VSO. Which is a fantastic thing! I can't even begin to put my admiration into words. Yay Mandy!

She has been blogging away on a journal (www.mirandadillon.livedigital.com) for some time now. Sadly no one seems to comment on it.

Part of that seems to be technical issues, in that her provider wants you to register with them, and then "connect" and so forth before letting you put comments on, and I'm still looking into this. But there's another way. So I put forward this plan for the 3 and a half readers of this blog:

1. Go and read Mandy's journal. There's a tremendous amount of it (the poor girl's been out there for months and months, and writes entries most days (it's a journal!)), but don't let that stop you. Read a week at a time, and come back again and again.

2. In between reading, have a think about it. Imagine you were on the gorgeous, blisteringly hot islands, having adventures, half the world away from your family and friends, and ask yourself what you'd like to hear.

3. Contact Mandy with those thoughts. If we don't sort out the commenting thing, and you don't know how to get hold of her, let me know and I'll pass on other contact details.

And that's it.

Except why am I doing this, and not her brother? Well, he got a similar request to this, and he responded:

"Sod your blog campaign! I'm here in the north of England (yuck!) with Bod getting smashed!"

Ah, brotherly love. There's nothing like it.
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