Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last person in the world to blog about Heroes

Due to my inability to commit to even TV series that I love[1], I've only tonight sat down to the first two full episodes of Heroes[2]. As I've previously noted, this is about the formation of a superhero team, rather than sliding the origin story into 6 pages of issue 1. So what do I think?

The Whedon-esque awareness of genre is there - the mysterious agent suggests that the name Suresh is as common as Smith or Anderson; Hiro is the one who makes all the Star Trek references, but it's someone else who has an evil twin in a mirror universe. But I was musing, as it started, how do you form a superhero team? Logically, you all link up with the pre-cog, was one of my theories[3]. On cue, up turns a pre-cog, linked to one (or more) of our characters. Of course he's a junkie artist, who created prophetic artworks while nodding off. He ODs at the end of the first episode. Well, says I, great, but I'd have killed the pre-cog at the start of the series and only have him (and his work) appear in flashback.

Next, of course, they kill the pre-cog[5]. I am in love with this series.

[1] Even now, I've only seen half of Life on Mars. If you're a person that I love, imagine that's about where our relationship is.
[2] As opposed to watching isolated 5 or 10 minutes burst, before changing channels at the ad break.
[3] Obviously this is not original, nor is my other leading idea, the guy who figures out what's going on and tracks down the talents[4] to create a team. Following on from this, storytellingly, the disaster that hits New York on 8 November is caused by one of the good guys, not the super-powered serial killer.
[4] Used with malice-a-forethought.
[5] In a flash-forward. But still.
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