Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Midweek Monkey Business

I don't commit to things[1], which makes me wonder why I've started two weekly blog posts. This one is for all the Monday-Friday workers, who feel the need for a pickup around the 50% mark of the working week. I call it

Midweek Monkey Business

First, a Youtube video of Elton John singing Pinball Wizard. What to look out for in this are Elton's enormous Doc Martens, The Who trashing their instruments halfway through the video, and (especially for Jim) the extraordinary and amazing Pinball Crown!

Next, some single frames from comics for those with no time or limited attention span. Xkcd demonstrates the art of media in res in Comic Fragment[2]. Beaucoup Kevin gives us an Important Reminder. And an old one (I'm firing off all my ammunition here, in the naive belief that the internet will give me more amusing stuff by next Wednesday) Old Comics Zen from Warren Ellis. Note that the rest of Ellis' site is Not Safe For Work.

For those of you with the time and inclination to read, here's an amusing story about a dog and a sweet potato.

From She by H Rider Haggard (1886) here's a lawyer joke: "I put down the letter, and ran my eye through the Will, which appeared, from it's utter unintelligibility, to have been drawn on the strictest legal principles." Sorry, I like old lawyer jokes. Today's uninteresting fact: The H in H Rider Haggard stands for Henry.

And finally, it wouldn't be Monkey Business without monkeys. Well, it might be, I've not really made up the rules yet. But here's a Youtube film about Drunk Monkeys.

[1] ever

[2] Don't forget to hover your mouse over the cartoon for a bonus surprise punchline.
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