Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Five

I seem to be down to two (2) regular readers, so far as I can tell. Which is okay. Even if I had more, I wouldn't raise expectations by committing to a regular series of blogs, like a Friday Five:

Song: Sweet Little Mystery by Wet Wet Wet. It feels like a hundred years since I heard this. It's feels and sounds like a happy song. But the lyrics are about a moment that's a turning point. I'll probably return to this point in future posts about songs.

Book: The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gattiss. Mark Gattiss was (is) a member of The League of Gentlemen, and has written Doctor Who as well. The hero of this book (available as a novel as well as the graphic novel linked to), Lucifer Box, is exactly how my friend Jim would like to be, right down to living at 9 Downing Street. Except for the bit about shagging men.

Film: The Princess Bride. Is there a more perfect film? The moment when the Grandson in the meta-story asks "Is this a kissing story?" is so well observed (because there aren't actually kissing stories, but an 8 year old might suspect there are, and anything with lots of kissing at the start might look like one. And then, of course it ends with a kiss. Oh get over it, I've not spoiled anything for you.)

Food: Barbecued Sardines. Fresh sardines (gutted by the fishmonger, note) just shoved on the grill and cooked in mere moments on a hot summer evening - perfection. Some notes on barbecuing sardines and other fish previously on Night of the Hats.

Wild Card: A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope. One day I'll finish my final Star Wars post, and generally tidy up my relationship with the series. Until then, enjoy this article, which explains exactly what R2D2s role in the Alliance was.