Thursday, November 23, 2006

What I did on my holidays

I've been away for a couple of days in sunny[1] Broadstairs and will recap on what happened for anyone joining us late:

1. Our pub quiz team, The Basking Sharks won by 9 clear points! Out of 14 teams!

Sadly the prize money was only £80, rather than the £100 it has been up until recently. Fortunately, Jim's plan of distributing some correct-use-of-apostrophe literature went wrong, so we still have a good chance of not being barred next time we go.

2. I apparently was nearly killed by a plastic bag, but fortunately was saved by Meg, a cat, who tackled it and coincidentally woke me up far too early.

3. I was Anne's assisstant for the day.

4. I went and saw Casino Royale; Daniel Craig does some real acting, placing him ahead of Moore and Lazenby before we even start. Somebody went back and read the books[2]. They brought in the brutality and kinetic violence of the books and put it on screen (yes, yes you've heard that before from a Bond film. But this time, really). And...

If there's an iconic moment from the films, it's in Goldfinger when Connery gets out of the water takes off a wetsuit with a seabird on top to reveal an immaculate white tuxedo. If there's a similarily iconic moment from the books, it's in Casino Royale and it's one that reveals that Bond is tough, not because he's indestructible (as is the case in the previous films), but because he can take a tremendous amount of damage. Which explains why I'm pleased in some ways to have finally seen the scene in which Bond is tortured by having his tackle hit repeatedly.

5. Then we went back and saw the 1967 Casino Royale which to me now seems to be a dream of a Bond movie, rather than a parody of a Bond Movie.

[1] also rainy Broadstairs
[2] not for the first time in the Bond franchise, either. The intruiging thing is that everytime they go back to the books, they find something new