Thursday, November 23, 2006

12 Days of Christmas Script Page 1

This year I'm going to script the 12 days of Christmas cartoon, here, live on the internet. If anyone feels like drawing any of it, feel free, and when I find it looks better than mine it will be incorporated into the final cartoon. If you don't want to put speech bubbles in, don't and the magic of computer image-enhancement will take care of it!

Page 1

6 panels, in three tiers.

Panel 1 - Titles - 12 Days of Christmas 2006. A Cartoon. By [names]. This cartoon contains scenes of poor plotting, characterisation and artwork, and consequently should not be shown to small children or people with a nervous disposition.

Panel 2 - STAN is riding a pig named GERTRUDE down a path through a forest.

Stan: Faster Gertrude, faster!

Stan: We can't let Captain Smug and the USS Hare beat us!

2nd tier - Panel 3 - On board the USS HARE. CAPTAIN SMUG and FIRST OFFICER SPONG are looking at a screen.

Caption: Several hours earlier on board the USS Hare.

Spong: We've located the truffles using our sensors and beamed them aboard, Captain. Elapsed time: 4.6 seconds.

Smug: Good work Mr Spong. All we have to do is beam them straight to the kitchen, and we've won!

Panel 4 - We're now looking at the screen, which is framed by the back of SMUG and SPONG's heads and shoulders, perhaps in silhouette. On the screen, Stan is pulling a pig along a path by a lead, or maybe poking it with a stick.

Smug: How are Zeb's crew doing?

Spong: They've nearly got their pig into the forest.

3rd tier - Panel 5 - Close up on Smug.

Smug: I can't believe Zeb challenged me and my crack crew to THIS challenge. How can a pig be more efficent at locating and transporting truffles?

Smug: In fact, we're so far ahead, lets go to for a steam bath.

Panel 6 - Spong looks concerned as he watches Smug leave.

Spong: Captain, we can beam them now and win and THEN go for a steam bath.

Smug: Steam bath Spong! Now!
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