Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Top Gear style challenge

I've failed to talk about Samhain[1], but frankly there's plenty of good information about it else where on the internet, and even more bad information. Instead I'll present something almost certainly unique:

Top Gear-style Truffle challenge. The challenge is to find truffles in a forest in central France and bring them back to England (where some sort of truffle recipe will be whipped up by the Night of the Hats resident chef). One player (Jeremy Clarkson) has a Ferrari. The other (my friend Stan) has a (female) pig.

Obviously, once he finds a truffle, Clarkson is going to be travelling a lot faster in a Ferrari than Stan will, whilst riding a pig. What makes it a challenge is that the pig will find truffles very much quicker than a Ferrari. Who will win? Stan on a pig? Or Clarkson in a Ferrari? Keep watching to find out!

[1] Too busy fetching the livestock down from the hills.