Thursday, November 23, 2006

12 Days of Christmas Script Page 2

Page 2 - 3 tiers, top and bottom of 2 panels, middle one of one panel

Panel 1 - ZEB is addressing a darkened room full of mysterious figures.

Caption: At that moment...

ZEB: Thank you for seeing me at such short notice Gentlemen. I'm sure you know that I wouldn't disturb your Christmas for trivial problems.

ZEB: As you are no doubt aware, I have dispatched Stan into the french countryside with a pig to find some truffles. This was a ruse to allow us to meet without arousing his suspicions.

Panel 2 - Really close up zoom of ZEB's face, showing his doubt, fear and resolve, or maybe just a neutral expression, depending on how well you can draw.

ZEB: I have reason to believe that Stan has been cloned and that even now, over 160,000 Stans have been released into the global population.



AUDIENCE: Mr Schnee!

ZEB: First Slide please.

2nd tier - Panel 3

A montage of several different Stans doing various things from previous cartoons, along with things other people have done e.g:

STAN: Lads, I've been sick but I don't know where.

STAN: Someone's vandalised my bike?

STAN: We call it 'the glove'.

STAN: Leave your bigotry in your quarters mister - there's no room for it on the bridge.

STAN: Hey Dave! We're caught in a time loop!

STAN: Too Dangerous!


Caption: Artists' impression

3rd Tier - Panel 4

ZEB behind a podium, with a picture of 87 STANs simultaneously falling over while carrying a tray of drinks behind him.

ZEB: I think we can all see how serious this situation will become if left unchecked. Are there any questions?

DAVE [off frame}: Yes.

Panel 5

Close up on DAVE

DAVE: Does anyone know where the toilets are? I didn't see on the way in?
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