Wednesday, November 29, 2006

12 Days of Christmas Script Page 4

Page 4 - 3 tiers, 2 panels on tiers 1 and 2, 1 panel for tier 3

Tier 1 - Panel 1

JIM and AUZ are in an office of some sort.

JIM: Auz, there could be a rampaging horde of over a 100,000 Stan clones attacking at any moment. I need to know what we have in the arsenal to deal with them.

AUZ: The Anti-Stan department has made many improvements recently. Let's see what's available...

Panel 2

There's a whole assortment of things on a table here - Guinness, bike clips, hairbrush, glasses, anything else associated with Stan

AUZ (off panel): Well, we've got badly adjusted specs, the hairbrush of entrapment, a really slow internet connection, a bike that's a bit wonky, Guinness laced with laxitives...

Tier 2 Panel 3

JIM and AUZ are staring at the table.

JIM: All these would inconvenience Stan, I agree. But to scale up to over 100,000 Stan's we're going to need super powers.

AUZ: If you'll come through here...

Panel 4

JIM and AUZ are looking at a toilet.

JIM: It's a loo.

AUZ: Not just any loo. If you step in and pull the chain, you end up in out secret super-headquarters...

Tier 3 Panel 5

It's like the batcave but with more pipes, and the batmobile looks like a giant toilet.

AUZ (off panel): THE BOGCAVE!
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