Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Like A New Year Post

What better way to start the new year and celebrate a snow day than to endlessly rake over the coals of 2009? So here's what happened on Night of the Hats last year:

- I ate far too much chocolate

- I got a new job

- I made a post with 10 sci-fi pop youtube videos (what on earth would I blog about if there was no youtube[1]?)

- I complained about ignorance of relativity in a cartoon about a photon

- I made a bunch of New Year Resolutions at Spring Equinox (which I mostly haven't kept)

- I "analysed" the relative danger of a variety of threats

- I was sent to pedant's corner

- I prepared for the flupocolypse

- I discovered I'm made entirely of cake

- I watched (and didn't watch) some TV

- I had a funny car numberplate pointed out to me

- I wrote a short steampunk story in which the protagonist loses his trousers (three quarters of the first draft of a Christmas sequel are sitting in a file waiting - if I finish it today I'll set it to automatically appear on, hmm, maybe 17 December?)

- I began a not particularily original or entertaining reread of the James Bond novels and stories

- I took the bold step of endorsing a number one pop record (and not for the first time)

- I codified the rules of Beard Lottery, leading to it's inevitable demise as a game

- I failed to get a dance[2]

- I talked about a conjunction of electropop and fairytales and also about rapping about (and on) toilets

I also had several conversations, recorded some new words, and put up a few recipes. The most common search term ending up here has been "cheese wrapped in bacon" which I'm not actually a very good source for. There have been a total of 82 posts of general nonsense posted here. Well thank goodness it's 2010 is all I can say.

[1] Other video streaming services are available
[2] True Story: The lady in question had taken off her engagement ring while getting changed and forgotten to put it back on. This, it was generally agreed[3] meant she was back on the market. Clearly I shouldn't have pointed out the fag machine to her.
[3] Including her former-and-current fiancé
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