Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparing For The Flupocolypse

Previously my brother has criticised the government's planning for pandemics, which he claimed amounted to sneezing into your elbow. Not so! It seems that the best ways to protect our selves and prevent flu from spreading is:

- Wash your hands regularly
- Don't touch your eyes, mouth or nose with your hands
- Don't sneeze into your hands - use a tissue, handkerchief or your elbow or upper arm
- If you fall sick, stay at home
- Avoid contact with sick people
- Drink plenty of water, eat well, take exercise

(Yes, yes, you all want Raquel Welch and a minaturised submarine zapping flu viruses, or maybe just some kind of anti-flu hat. Sorry, the science fiction mostly takes place on another blog nowadays)

In other news I got overpaid for last month. I had intended to spend it on booze and loose women, or maybe show the highest standard of professionalism and tell the finance team, but now I think I'll buy rehydration mix, hand wash, and tins of soup. Any other thoughts on flu preparation?
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