Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy New Years!

In response to my midwinter refusal to resolve to anything until the spring equinox, my brother noted the following:

Did you know that the Persians celebrate new year at the spring equinox? They call it Nau Ruz and is a huge celebration in Afghanistan/Iran and Tajikistan as well as being celebrated in other places in Central Asia.

Also, the Nepali new year, Dassain, is celebrated at the Autumn equinox.

This of course, quite apart from Chinese New Year which he celebrated in China later in the month. So it seems that if I mix up several unconnected traditions, new year resolutions at the equinox makes a whole lot of sense.

Of course this still leaves me needing some resolutions to make. I think I've got 5, which neatly split into the usual categories: Work, Friends, Exercise/Health, Bad Sci-Fi and Other

1. Work. I'm tutoring maths. I'd like to resolve to get those kids on the borderline the C that would make such a difference, but at the end of the day that's not up to me. I will resolve to maintain my current level of professionalism; namely that even though I only get paid for the hours I'm working, I'll still prepare and mark, discuss with their regular teachers and make myself available to the students, whether it's part of the scheduled hours or not[1].

Also, I resolve to continue to show as much patience as the kids need. Right up to the moment when it becomes counter productive; then I'll rant, rave and use every sanction in the book.

2. Friends. Looking at emails and facebook and christmas cards, there are far too many people I've not seen for ages. Fortunately I'm not working during Easter or the Summer Holiday when the school is closed. My resolution is to have very cheap holidays visiting friends. We all win! I win more of course, as I don't have to pay so much for accommodation. But still.

3. Exercise/Health. Time to take some exercise in the sunshine so I don't look like a giant pale slug while visiting during the summer. On the other hand, no need to go overboard. The resolution: Walk (or run or cycle) down to the bay twice a week.

4. Bad Sci-Fi. More movie nights and more reviews at Heckler and Kochk. Shall I aim for reviewing at least one item per week? I think so. It is so resolved.

5. Other. You know what? I've forgotten what this one was going to be. So my final resolution will be to be more organised. Yes, yes, you've all heard it before. But I'm going to use that notebook sitting by the keyboard properly so that things get done in a timely way.

Well, there we go. They're all testable, although some are a bit vague. In other words, I can go back and take a look at how I've done, come Nepalese new year. Assuming I'm organised enough to do so, see you at Daissan!

[1] This doesn't mean I won't complain and/or ask for overtime if they start to insist on me attending outside my contracted hours, but I'll still do the damn job like a professional.
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