Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

According to a mini-article in the paper, when questioned in a survey, half of 18-24 year olds and one third of the entire survey gave either the wrong answer or "I don't know" for how long to soft boil an egg. (One in 20 said 10 minutes apparently, but I'd think they got mixed up with hard boiling).

I wouldn't have had this problem, if only because my standby cookbook Cooking for Blokes has an entire page on boiling eggs, and I got this when I was 18 (or maybe 19 if it was a Christmas present, which I think it might have been). Did Delia do it too? Can't remember. Anyway, there's no excuse.

Talking about Cooking for Blokes as we were, I noticed that I still use half the tips in the "How to..." section. On the one hand it's slightly embarrassing to find that many of my basic cooking skills come from the equivalent of a Dummies book, but on the other basic skills and short-cuts are basic skills and short-cuts no matter the sauce. Still, I won't be mentioning it in public.

Prize of an omelette[1] or maybe a quiche of your choice for the first person to put the correct time for soft boiling an egg in comments. If you don't like eggs, I'll think up some other prize.

[1] To be mailed within 28 working days
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