Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gene Hunt

I got Life on Mars on DVD for Christmas, so can finally watch the episodes I missed the first, second and other times they were on various satellite channels while shouting "Don't move, you're surrounded by armed bastards!" I assume I'll be no better when Ashes to Ashes, the 80s sequel makes it onto the screen at an as-yet undisclosed date in the next few months.

Of course both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes take their titles from David Bowie songs. I can't help but think of other Gene Hunt series based on Bowie songs - Young Americans (Hunt is on an exchange across the Atlantic); China Girl (Hunt is out in Hong Kong); The Jean Genie (think The Sweenie meets I Dream of Jeannie); Modern Love (Gene Hunt comes out); Changes (Hunt gets gender-reassignment surgery) - this has an obvious sequel in Suffragette City. Basically all of Bowie's back catalogue is available, except for Let's Dance, which will be the stage musical, and of course Heroes. It's hard to see how anyone could go anywhere with a show named Heroes.