Friday, April 13, 2007

Top 5

Top 5 lists run around the internet like some kind of disease. In an effort to counteract this, I present a top 5 list that probably won't be copied anywhere soon:

Top 5 Songs Noone Wants to Hear Me Sing at a Karaoke Night

5. Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Actually you don't want to hear anyone singing this. You have been warned.

4. Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger

Imagine that amazing brassy intro, building excitement, then the music dips down... and I miss the opening note (at full volume). Nasty.

3. Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower

(All Along The Watchtower has been covered many times; The versions here are Dylan, Hendrix, and acoustic ones from Michael Hedges and Chantel McGregor)

In this case it's not my singing that lets me down, it's the harmonica playing. Or rather, my air-harmonica playing.

2. Berlin - Take My Breath Away

No seriously, why would you want to hear me sing this? Why are you even asking? What are you thinking? Are you thinking at all?

1. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

I can't sing like Kate Bush[1]. I can't dance like Kate Bush. But that hasn't stopped me yet. Be afraid.

Bonus: Because no top 5 list is complete without a 6th entry:

Liza Minelli - Life is a Cabaret

If you don't know why by now, it's time and past time to stop.

[1] I can't even sing like China Drum, whose version doesn't seem to be easily available on t'internet. I have got it as the B-side to one of their singles if anyone's interested. (Also I know of at least two other people with a copy).