Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dining Out

On Sunday evening I ate with my parents and some of their friends at a restaurant called fish!.[1] It's very nice; Obviously £14.95 is quite a lot for cod, chips and mushy peas, but it's damn good cod, chips and mushy peas. As it's in Borough Market, it's always fresh (not that anything in a restaurant shouldn't be, but it's good to get the reassurance).

One thing that intrigued me; obviously it's a fish restaurant (um, clue?) but it does offer non-fish dishes. They are in a footnote saying (as I recall) breast of chicken and vegetarian dish of the day are also available and to ask your waiter if you want it. Which is saying "We, fish!, are a fish restaurant, and so we suggest you try our fish, but we understand that some people don't like fish and may have been dragged here by their piscavore friends, so there is an alternative".

It's the equivalent of omelet or chicken and chips at the curry house.

[1] Since the name of the restaurant is "fish!", should I put a full stop at the end of that sentence? Or is one bit of punctuation enough?
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