Friday, April 13, 2007

Ravenswood Stories: Fairies

There are no fairies in the Ravenswood.

Actually, that's not true. There are fairies, but no one has ever seen them.

Alright, there are fairies, and everyone has seen them. The youngest child in the wood, barely able to toddle or speak, will tell you of the day they saw one of the fair folk whittling at a stick, and if you stand a round at the tavern, many are the people who'll tell you of the time they watched a procession of the fairy queen ride by. Some days, if you walk down the paths in the deep wood, you'll run into two or three, whistling jauntily in their feathered caps and suits of green. "Good day My Lord" (or "My lady", depending) you'll say, and "Good Day" they'll reply.

Of course you should never ask a fairy a question. If you do, and they answer, you'll owe them a debt, and to owe the fair folk a debt is a perilous thing.

Or is it that, if they answer you true, you must answer their question with a lie? Perhaps it's merely that their answers are always true, and a little more true than you wish.

On balance, if you should meet a fairy in the Ravenswood, best if you don't speak to them.

Unless that makes them think you're being rude. For the one thing you must never do to one of the Lords and Ladies is be rude.