Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sailing the West Indies

As some of you know, my friend Bella is getting married in the British Virgin Islands this weekend. As some of you have noticed, Stan and I have been a bit elusive for the past few days. I can now reveal that these two facts are connected!

Stan and I have been sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, to make an unexpected and probably unwelcome appearance at Bella's wedding. In case anyone doubts this obviously true and accurate tale, here are a few photos.

There we are, about to set off, on a damp day in Falmouth.

The immensity of the ocean. This can get pretty dull after a while, so I'll skip onwards to...

Landfall! Stan thought we were at Antigua, and it turns out we were.

This guy got far too close. We had a good mind to report him to...

The cops! "Now that's what I call a police boat!" said Stan.

We took the afternoon off to relax on the beach...

(Stan may have got a touch too much sun!)

Now Stan, where did you leave the boat?

Stan! What's happened to our boat!

Eventually we found it (actually we'd been drinking rum and ginger beer for the last 4 hours).

And here's the crew, who are all sober enough to set off at first light...

Or maybe a little earlier than that!
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