Thursday, December 14, 2006

12 Days of Christmas Script Page 5

Page 5 - 3 tiers, 1st tier 2 panels, 2nd tier 1 panel, 3rd tier 2 panels

1st Tier - Panel 1

STAN is sitting on a chair. He's tied on, and in the nip, although shadows prevent us from seeing anything we wouldn't want to. The silhouette of CARDINAL REICHSTAG can be seen holding a piece of knotted rope. This really wants to be a Frank Miller style frame, but whatever you can draw will do.

CARDINAL: I expect you're wondering what's going on.

STAN: Since this chair has no seat, there's only two possibilities. Either I've been elected Pope, or you're going to beat me around my parts with that rope.

Panel 2

As above, but the CARDINAL is swinging the rope.

CARDINAL: Actually, it's both.

2nd Tier - Panel 3

The Bogcave - except there are now many members of staff, JIM, BEN, AUZ, Ben's sprogs etc. working in here. At one end the World Crisis Monitor has lit up. STAN can be seen, dressed as the pope, but looking in pain, maybe bent over, maybe being held up by two members of the Swiss Guard. Just in case noone gets what's going on, the words "STAN ELECTED POPE" are on the screen.

No dialogue.

3rd Tier - Panel 4

We zoom in on JIM who has become aware of the report on the World Crisis Monitor. He looks unhappy. BEN has come over to him.

BEN: Don't worry. That Stan may now have diplomatic immunity as head of state, but there's still 159,999 we can get at.

JIM: Stan... Pope... But that means...

Panel 5

Close up on JIM.

JIM: ...Stan is infallible!