Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Non-Christmassy Christmas Stuff

Well, I'm going away tomorrow, and there's much stuff I've failed to put up that I said I would before Christmas. If you're taking time out from your Christmas experience to read this, here's 12 links I think you might enjoy while waiting for me to come back and be told off for not writing things I was going to.

1. A Gallery of Bad Album Covers. Bonus: Volume 2

2. Warning Signs from the Future.

3. Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars page (on Wikipedia).

4. Especially for Jim: Wikipedia's Fictional Chemical Substances (A-M). Bonus: N-Z.

5. An expecially funny 70s Star Wars parody that's a Spiderman comic. What? Didn't you realise that Darth Vader really is Dr Doom?

6. Another one for Jim: Make your own hat!

7. 10 most Dangerous Toys of all time.

8. Something actually Christmassy - A Christmas Tree Decoration Competition.

9. The How to Destroy the Earth webpage (this isn't the people who put a button on your desktop which tells you when the Earth is destroyed, although this site links to them.)

10. What Google Thinks of You (and other people, places, times and thngs).

11. Turducken Recipe (this is like the young mans Coq au Trice; following the scheme here, his would have been Turpheasridge I guess.) Includes step-by-step photos of how to debone a turkey, something I've often wanted to see.

12. And finally Movie Posters Redrawn as Medieval Russian Illuminated Manuscripts. As this site is in Russian, it makes a great "guess the film" game.

And one last thing: Recipe for Fish on a Stick.